Ensuring safe and comfortable working conditions for the employees is one of the key priorities of Slavyansk ECO

An occupational health and safety management system has been developed and put into place at the plant outlining the responsibilities of all the workers, as well as the requirements for industrial safety at production sites. Such a system helps to minimize injuries and increase the economic efficiency of production. Plant workers are provided with certified workwear, special footwear, collective and individual protective equipment in a timely fashion.

Our company has developed a social program designed to improve labor safety. We care about the health of our employees and do everything to maintain warm coworker relations.


  • Acquisition of workwear and personal protective equipment;
  • Making sure that workers (in hazardous conditions) have access to milk or other equivalent products based on the results of workplace certification;
  • Ensuring that all organizational units have lunch rooms equipped with all the household appliances necessary for a comfortable meal;
  • Medical and health services for workers: uninterrupted supply of drinking water at the workplace, proper maintenance and continuous operation of personal hygiene rooms, availability of first-aid kits;/li>
  • Annual additional paid leaves to workers employed in hazardous and (or) dangerous working conditions according to the results of workplace certification, as well as for irregular working hours;
  • Additional compensation to employees for weekends and holidays when they were required to work;
  • Acquisition of New Year’s presents for children;
  • Covering gym and pool memberships to all the interested workers and their family members.