We Create Green Spaces that Have a Positive Impact on the Environment.

Our plant is focused on the production that has a minimal impact on the environment through the introduction of and diligent compliance with advanced technologies developed around the globe. Introduction of state-of-the-art inventions allows for the sustainable use of natural resources and prevention, as well as timely elimination of the emerging pollution.


In order to monitor the state of the environment, the plant carries out 24-hour industrial environmental monitoring and control, it also has specialized accredited laboratories equipped with modern measuring instruments. This allows us to make the necessary decisions to reduce emissions and eliminate potential harmful effects promptly and efficiently. The plant has modern sewage treatment facilities for industrial stormwater, which provide a degree of treatment higher than established by the legislative standards.

The cylindrical tank equipment for storing petroleum products is equipped with floating pontoons, allowing to reduce the emission of hydrocarbon fumes into the atmosphere by 98%.

The staff involved in environmental safety monitoring at the plant regularly attends continuing education courses both at the plant and in the companies that supply the plant with technological equipment and technological processes.

Thus, all potential types of pollution from industrial activities, even under adverse weather conditions, do not and will not cause even indirect harm to human health and other components of the environment.


Slavyansk ECO plans to introduce the latest technologies to minimize the negative impact on the environment:

  • establish a system for the recovery of hydrocarbon fumes generated during the loading of petroleum products into railway and automobile tanks, with a recovery efficiency of 99.3%;
  • upgrade local treatment facilities for cleaning industrial and storm sewage from petroleum products before transporting them to urban biological treatment facilities.

Every year, Slavyansk ECO LLC develops plans and implements environmental protection measures. For instance, in 2012-13, production units carried out environmental protection measures worth 24 million rubles, in 2014 - 35 million rubles, in 2015-2017 the average annual costs of environmental activities averaged 55 million rubles per year. In addition, in accordance with the environmental legislation requirements, the plant makes timely mandatory payments for negative impact on the environment within the established standards.